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Set of 4 Strong Stretchy Lids for Food and Fermentation

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Are you looking to replace cling film in your kitchen? So were we. After testing many different beeswax wraps, silicone bowls, and jar cover sets, we have developed a design that works and lasts.

These tough silicone stretch lids are thicker than most on the market, so they don’t go baggy like bad elastic or rip when you stretch them. I’ve used the first test set in my kitchen for over a year, and they are still going strong.

If you are into vegetable fermentation or brewing, these lids also make a versatile airlock fermentation lid. You don’t have to worry about getting the correct jar and screw band combination.

Best of all, they are plastic-free, dishwasher, fridge, and freezer safe.

Product Specifications: 

- 4 lids for fermenting airlocks and reusable food covers

- Food-grade silicone

- Stretch to cover 10cm (4”) bowls, jars, and cans

- Dishwasher and freezer safe

 What do they fit?

These lids are very versatile and cover a wide range of containers. Here are some things they fit:

  • Glass jars from a Pics peanut butter jar up to AGEE jars
  • Small square and rectangular containers like Sistema or small bowls.
  • Standard round and rectangular cans of food
Here are some examples of what we use these lids to cover: 

- cans of tomatoes, baked beans, coconut cream, chickpeas

- rectangular cans of sardines

- round or rectangular containers of leftovers, sauces, salads

- open jars of preserves once the preserving seal comes off

- large 2-litre jars of brewing water kefir and ginger beer

- large jars of sauerkraut using these as a waterless airlock

- small jars of fermenting mustard and kimchi


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Customer Reviews

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Julie N
Perfect for my needs

I make yoghurt in glass jars in a water bath sous vide. I use these while the yogurt is fermenting and swap to the proper lids after the yoghurts have cooled. It saves the real lids getting “sweaty” while the yoghurt is fermenting.

Superior thickness

These lids are lovely & thick but still have plenty of stretch. Now doing the job that quite a few other similar ones failed at. I think they are going to last many many years. Plenty of height to them so they pull on & seal very well. Will definitely be buying more very soon. Thanks Country Trading - lonving your superior quality products.

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