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How to Make Damson Plum Paste

This plum paste recipe makes beautiful homemade gifts and is great to have to hand as a fruit cheese for platters. The spicy flavour is nicer than quince paste with cheese.

Old Fashioned Ginger Beer Bug Recipe

Old fashioned ginger beer bugs are something many of us remember from our childhood. We have had some great times with this ginger beer bug recipe. Hope you do to.

How to Make Lemon Lime & Bitters

Make your own lemon lime and bitters cordial concentrate with just five ingredients. A long lasting and versatile syrup to have on hand for non-alcoholic drinks.

How to Make Perfect Potato Gnocchi

Have you ever made potato gnocchi that is stodgy, gluey, or tasteless?  Learn our simple tricks that make the best gnocchi recipe - light, fluffy and full of flavour.

How to Make Coconut Yogurt

Want to make better coconut yogurt? Tired of using expensive probiotic pills and getting runny results? Read our foolproof method for making proper coconut yogurt at home.

How to Make Real Kimchi from Scratch

Made Sauerkraut but been a little scared to try Kimchi? Learn the best recipe for homemade kimchi, what ingredients to use, how to make a vegan kimchi and ideas for using the kimchi paste.
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