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I love this so much I bought two, so I can make a 2L at a time so I don't have to make it so frequently. I love that there is nothing extra to do, make the yoghurt and let it sit in the yoghurt maker. No extra power is needed and it's space-efficient as well.

Not thick and creamy

This yoghurt is quite flavourless and turned out slimy rather than thick and creamy. Can you give me some advice to improve the results? I left it in my yoghurt maker for 12 hours - should I leave it longer?

Hey Maureen, it's been a couple of weeks since we exchanged emails about your yogurt making. Have the tips I shared help you with your next batch? We'd love to hear an update. Let me know if I can be of any further help.
Many thanks
Country Trading Co.


The yoghurt tastes bland. I have made 2 batches and followed the guidelines closely.

Natural Dish Soap Bars

I really love these, they wash up the dishes really well and love the fact I am not using harmful chemicals.


I am very happy with my purchase. It arrived very promptly and was exactly what I wanted thank you.

Thick and Creamy

I love making my own yoghurt and have found this starter culture to be excellent for making thick and creamy yoghurt in less than 24hr in the 1L jar. Definitely worth trying this if you are shopping around for a new one or just getting started.

Best yoghurt ever

Yoghurt maker is nicely designed, compact for storage and easy to use. I like that it's s. steel, with a glass jar rather than a plastic container. But best of all, makes the nicest tasting yoghurt ever and saves me money!
I'm lactose intolerant and I hadn't previously found a culture that didn't contain powdered milk (which I couldn't use). Very reliable culture makes thick creamy great tasting yoghurt every time, and I can make 4 batches from the one culture. Very happy.

Kraut Basher

This is the best kitchen tool I've bought in a while. It does the job so well, and the experience of making sauerkraut is much easier than using my fingers.. I didn't actually know it existed until I saw a lady on YouTube using one, so I researched it online, and found this company who supply them. Very happy with my purchase!

Thank you

Great service, quick delivery, lovely product.

Perfect for lactose-free yoghurt

I found this product really easy to use and got perfect results first time. I wanted to make my own pot set lactose-free yoghurt in my Thermomix using the fermentation mode and after doing some research found your plant based yoghurt starter. I was very impressed with the taste and thickness of my yoghurt. I'll probably also try it with nut and coconut milks but am so happy that my preference of lactose-free milk also works with it. Thanks for the great instructions and service. Looking forward to many more batches!

Fermentation Weights

Worked just as they're supposed to, reasonably fast postage

Excellent product

So good to have something that works as advertised - pleasure to use

Yoghurt maker

Excellent service and great product. Top class.


Delivery was really fast! Great product we hitch makes lovely yogurt.

Creamy and delicious

Lovely creamy yogurt. I highly recommended it.

Real food

Great service, clear instructions ,value for money, and a yoghurt that could only be described as a class act.

Yogurt maker

Delivered quick. Nice and simple product.

The good bugs

Really nice reliable product. Delivery was fast too.

Yogurt Starter Culture

Makes great yogurt and easy to use

Excellent Product

I love this yogurt maker. Makes excellent yogurt and saves heaps of money

Satisfied customer

Pleased with my yoghurt maker. Does all as promised. Enjoying experimenting with different milks. All worked out satisfactorily.

Great buy

Extremely pleased with my purchase of two stainless steel trays. Exactly what I was looking for and priced well. Quick delivery and well packed.

Clean, fresh multi-purpose cheesecloth

As per the title! I was going to buy some of the "ready-made" cheesecloth (and I still might!) but after watching the accompanying video and seeing all the other potential uses for cheesecloth besides cheesemaking, I bought this bigger roll.

Turnaround time was super-quick.

Perfect little sauerkraut pounder (stomper, tamper, paddle, etc)

This feels lovely in the hand: nice and smooth and a good weight (not too heavy, not too light, but just RIGHT!) I appreciate that it fits well in narrow-mouth jars, and also the up-front reminders about not oiling the pounder and to sterilise it with boiling water before using on your fermentable vegetables.

Also, the turnaround time between ordering and receiving was very quick.

Glass jars

Great jars with lids. Will definetly purchase more.
Very friendly staff and approachable. Thank you

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