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Wooden Sauerkraut Pounder with Easy Grip Handle

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Craving homemade sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, and other fermented mixed vegetables? Make quick pickled vegetables with this easy to grip wooden pounder.

Known as a kraut crusher, stomper, tamper, plunger, muddler, basher, or masher, this wooden sauerkraut pounder is perfect for smashing and salting anything, from red cabbage to Asian vegetables.

Our wooden tamper is crafted from a single piece of beechwood timber and designed to last a lifetime. 

Why we made this

In 2018, we led a workshop tour across New Zealand with Sharon Flynn, author of "Ferment for Good."  We made all the lacto fermented vegetables for attendees to sample, and that involved a lot of making sauerkraut in a jar and a lot of cabbage crushing. We soon realized the importance of a lightweight, durable, and easy-to-grip kraut pounder. 

mason jar fermenting how to make fermented foods

We tried and tested a few prototypes before settling on this wooden sauerkraut pounder. Designed with home fermenters in mind, it is the perfect size for pounding and packing veggies into mason jars. Whether you're new to making ferments or are a pickling pro, we guarantee you'll love this product.

Product Specifications
  • 1 x wooden sauerkraut tamper – 25 cm long with a 5cm wide stomper face
  • Easy to grip handle, lightweight but durable (weighs 250g)
  • Made from a single piece of solid beechwood with no glue
  • Plastic-free product in a lovely gift box
    Care instructions
    • Do NOT season with oil
    • Hand wash in hot water
    • Rinse and dry before storing
    • Sterilise with boiling water before use
    Learn more

    If you're new to pickling vegetables at home or curious about fermented vegetables, check out our Easy Starter Fermentation Kit. 

    It includes a recipe book where we share our fermenting cabbage recipe for making sauerkraut and tips on fermenting veggies.

    We show you how to make a sauerkraut brine, pickled Korean vegetables, and red cabbage sauerkraut.

    Whether it's veggie kimchi or fermented sauerkraut, we have the best-pickled veggies recipes for you. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Rosalind Simmons
    All that was promised!

    I am so glad Ibought this sauerkraut tamper, which is good for all the lacto-fermented veggies I want to do. Lovely and comfortablein the hand and just the right size and weight.
    Yes it was all that was promised.
    I have it resting on a hook in my kitchen.

    Rye Senjen

    It is....

    Kraut Basher

    This is the best kitchen tool I've bought in a while. It does the job so well, and the experience of making sauerkraut is much easier than using my fingers.. I didn't actually know it existed until I saw a lady on YouTube using one, so I researched it online, and found this company who supply them. Very happy with my purchase!

    Perfect little sauerkraut pounder (stomper, tamper, paddle, etc)

    This feels lovely in the hand: nice and smooth and a good weight (not too heavy, not too light, but just RIGHT!) I appreciate that it fits well in narrow-mouth jars, and also the up-front reminders about not oiling the pounder and to sterilise it with boiling water before using on your fermentable vegetables.

    Also, the turnaround time between ordering and receiving was very quick.

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