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Glass Fermenting Weights for Vegetable Pickles - Set of 4

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Cleanliness matters when fermenting food at home. We use these fermenting weights in our own ferments because:

  • The heavy glass pickle weights are easy to sterilise 
  • They keep vegetable ferments safely under the brine
  • They stop spoilage microbes on your hands from getting into the pickles
  • The handles make them easy to retrieve from the jar
  • They fit all wide mouth mason jars

Food safety also matters so we laboratory test these pickle stones to ensure they are free from lead and heavy metals and safe to use in your sauerkraut and kimchi.

We package them in a plastic-free gift box that also makes an ideal kitchen storage solution to keep your weights together.

Team up these weights with our Sauerkraut Pounder and Fermentation Lids to make a great gift set for cooks.

  • 4 weights per pack
  • each weight weighs 200g (7oz)
  • diameter 66mm (2.6")
  • total depth including handle 32mm (1.3")
  • depth of glass base 20mm (0.8")
  • plastic-free packaging
  • tested for lead and cadmium
  • dishwasher safe
How to Use
  1. sterilise your fermentation weight in the dishwasher or hot water
  2. pack pickles or sauerkraut into a clean mason jar, stamp down tightly with a pounder and leave room for expansion as the ferment progresses
  3. place a follower over the ferment to sit the glass weight on (we use a clean piece of cabbage cut into a circle or a grape leaf)
  4. sit the glass fermentation weight on top of the follower
  5. fit a fermentation airlock lid


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