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Lunch Box Recipe - Tortilla Samosas

Easy Lunch Box Meal Prep

Making healthy, packed lunches requires a bit of meal prep and planning. But if you're looking for freezable lunch box ideas for work or school, these samosas are a winner.

Have a session of lunchbox baking, then freeze them for up to 3 months. The recipe makes 20 large or 80 small samosas.

Because the recipe uses pre-made flour tortilla wraps, they are a fast and simple packed lunch idea to have up your sleeve.  

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6 Keys to All Great Lunchbox Recipes

When we wrote the lunch box recipe book, we came up with the following 6 golden rules for great lunchbox ideas:
  1. Safe Food - school and work packed lunch ideas need to be safe to eat after several hours in a lunch box, even with an ice pack
  2. Travels well - lunch box food ideas have to make it to the office, work or school in one piece after a possibly rough commute
  3. Make-ahead - easy lunch box ideas can be made ahead in bulk and stored in the pantry or frozen for fast lunch box assembly
  4. Tastes great - if you're filling a lunch box for teens or picky eaters, it helps if the recipes are delicious without the need for added sauces
  5. Healthy - healthy packed lunch ideas and healthy lunchbox snacks don't have to be complicated or expensive; they require meal prep and planning
  6. Easy to Eat - the best lunch box recipes are easy to eat if you don't have utensils
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Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Adults

If you take a lunch box to work or pack men's lunches, add this to your stash of easy packed "lunch box ideas for husband", or better still, get him making them.

These baked tortilla samosas are a simple packed lunch idea for work and make a gourmet alternative to the usual lunchbox sandwich ideas.

Men's lunch ideas have to be a bit substantial, and these potato curry samosas are a great vegetarian lunchbox idea that is still filling and tasty.

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Packed Lunch Ideas for Kid's Lunch

Sometimes creative lunch box food is difficult if you cater to different diets and picky eaters. This recipe is perfect if you need lunch box ideas for fussy eaters - they can tailor the fillings to suit their needs.

The recipe is easy to adapt for a gluten-free lunch box using gluten-free wraps and is a lunch box that's vegan friendly with no changes.

They taste great hot or cold, and the small ones are ideal easy lunch box snacks. You can also eat them in your fingers without getting messy, and they don't fall apart in the lunch box if they have a rough commute.

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Healthy Bento Box Ideas

Because these tortilla samosas are baked, not fried, they make a simple healthy packed lunch idea for work or school.

They're substantial enough for a lunch box meal if you make them with whole tortilla samosas, but we prefer the little ones for easy lunchbox snacks.

There are a lot of cute bento box lunch box recipes on social media but how many easy bento box lunch ideas can be made in bulk and frozen? Also, how many of them survive the trip to school?

Japanese bento box recipes and bento lunch ideas are an art form that we admire and draw inspiration from, but we want fast, easy pack lunch ideas.

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Need More Lunch Box Ideas?

If you liked this recipe, you'd love our lunch box recipe book packed with lunch box ideas for teens, kids, adults and healthy packed lunch ideas for work.

The 100-page book of lunch box ideas is free with every stainless steel lunch box and insulated lunch bag.stainless steel lunch boxes


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